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Updates on Writing and Books

Wow, 2 months since my last post.

I really have to get better about maintaining this blog or it will fall into the internet abyss.

OK, let’s see, what happened in the last two months. Instead of shopping the short story around to the magazines, I submitted it to the Jim Baen Writing Contest, the winners of which will be contacted on/around March 15th. There was nothing more I could do with that story so I started writing another one…and I’m still writing it.

It is the second story set in my Commonwealth universe, though this time about twenty years earlier than the first story was, and it looks to be significantly longer than the first story, perhaps even a novella.

In other news, my wife and I finally moved into a new apartment in a much better neighborhood than the previous place was, though transport is more tricky, but we have worked out a suitable arrangement, at least for now.

I have not read much in the last two months but I did just finish reading a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Grounded by David Bischoff. It was set during the series’ run (1987-1994) and is therefore a cookie-cutter novel, with no major changes occurring to upset the status quo, but that said it was rather enjoyable.

An alien life form based on silicon almost causes the Enterprise to be destroyed, but one of the B plots saves the day with Picard, Data and Geordi’s assistance (Riker and Worf are both knocked unconscious). Sentient or quasi-sentient clay is not original to science fiction, I’m sure, but it is my first association with it and I found the use of the clay quite intriguing. It was deadly to the people on the outpost, being on a planetary surface, but seemed to grow while attached to the Enterprise. Apparently a simple magnetic field shift is enough to render the clay relatively harmless, and thus renders the A plot just as harmless, in my opinion.

While the A plot was interesting, I found myself more drawn to one of the B plots, where an autistic child needs help to prevent her from going catatonic at times, and an interesting speculation came forward, that perhaps autistic children are telepaths of some degree but they are unable to process all the external stimuli that come with this and retreat into themselves, becoming almost catatonic. It is an interesting notion and one that I have filed it away for later use in my Commonwealth universe, though I don’t currently know where it might fit.

I have just started reading the next Star Trek: The Next Generation novel I have, The Devil’s Heart by Carmen Carter. I will probably post my thoughts on it here once done.

Provided I don’t forget.


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