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Do You Have A Work in Progress?

Be honest. If you’re a writer there’s always a WIP whether you’ve touched it in days, weeks, months or even years.

If you’re stuck (and we all get that way sometimes) and want some advice, I’ll offer it. If you’re willing, post part of a WIP on your blog with a bit of background about the piece and ask for comments/constructive criticism.

I’m going to do it with my short story for the Creative Writing Challenge Game which is actually finished (but I’m sure it could do with a bit more polishing). Feel free to offer me any suggestions for improvement, we’ll have a quid pro quo, and I’ll comment on yours.

Sometime tomorrow I’ll be posting my story for the September Challenge and I’ll be including a link for the October Challenge.



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Scrabble Creative Writing Challenge

Here’s a challenge for everyone who plays Scrabble and writes for fun or profit.

Step 1. When you have finished your game, write down all the words of four letters or more (no plurals) and get their meanings from the dictionary if you’re unsure of them.

Step 2. Write a story, any length or genre, using those words in one month.

Step 3. Post the finished story on your blog or website on the 23rd of the month, and link back to it here.

Step 4. Read what other people have written but most of all, have fun.

Step 5. Do it all over again.

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Radical Rethink!

It has been 89 days since I last wrote on this blog which is unforgivable and probably why I don’t have any hits.

Since I last posted I’ve gone through any number of false starts on various writing projects, finished a short story and submitted it to Analog Science Fiction and Fact (a feat in and off itself for me) but it was rejected.

At this moment in time I am no longer considering writing material for publication, merely for fun, and it feels good. I have decided to take part in a monthly competition, the details of which can be found here but the basic idea is that with a few provided prompts you write a story in a month and post it to your blog, link it to hers, and let people read it.

I’m currently around 3,700 words and about two thirds of the way through the story. I hope to get it finished by the end of the week so I can have a little time to type it up (I’m handwriting it, old-fashioned I know), edit and polish it. I will be posting it here on or around September 1, 2011 so at least I’ll not have an excuse for not posting for another three months.

See you in a few.

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