Do You Have A Work in Progress?

Be honest. If you’re a writer there’s always a WIP whether you’ve touched it in days, weeks, months or even years.

If you’re stuck (and we all get that way sometimes) and want some advice, I’ll offer it. If you’re willing, post part of a WIP on your blog with a bit of background about the piece and ask for comments/constructive criticism.

I’m going to do it with my short story for the Creative Writing Challenge Game which is actually finished (but I’m sure it could do with a bit more polishing). Feel free to offer me any suggestions for improvement, we’ll have a quid pro quo, and I’ll comment on yours.

Sometime tomorrow I’ll be posting my story for the September Challenge and I’ll be including a link for the October Challenge.



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2 responses to “Do You Have A Work in Progress?

  1. I’ve been thinking of posting on my blog a scene from the novel I’m working on. (Curiously, I was thinking of this while driving home tonight, an hour before I read your blog post.) There was a scene that I wrote that got me into the head of one of the characters, and while it’s an interesting scene it doesn’t quite work with the rest of the material. The issue is that the tone is wrong.

    I can’t promise that I’ll post it. Maybe if I feel like I’m hurting for blog content. 🙂

    • I think that would be a great way of dealing with it Allyn. You might be a little too close to that scene and someone could suggest something which may help. If you do post it, please link back to my blog in another comment. Spread the words.

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