What Judgments Come

What Judgments Come is the penultimate novel in the Vanguard saga and it does its job well, tying up most of the loose ends left by the other books and setting up the finale.

The framing story establishes two people that definitely survived the end of the saga, Tim Pennington and Diego Reyes (but we know of least two more, T’Prynn and Admiral Nogura). Reyes tells Pennington about his time aboard the Orion ship docked at the station and this brings us to the end of the Orion storyline.

One of the best storylines in the book is the set up for the TOS episode, The Tholian Web; the Tholian screw-up on the Klingon colony of Traelus II, leading to Captain Thomas Blair and the Defiant investigating and disappearing, which would be followed up in the episode mentioned above. This also means that the Enterprise is in the area for the final book in the Vanguard saga, Storming Heaven.

The Shedai Wanderer escapes her prison and flees, vowing to return with her people to free the Shedai Progenitor and wreak havoc upon the lesser races of the galaxy. This is what I look forward to in the final book.

I give this book 8/10, it could have been a little better, but not by much.


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