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NaNoWriMo – Attempt #3

They say third time’s the charm so here’s hoping that this time I will actually be able to finish writing the novel for National Novel Writing Month. I have the basic plot but I need to give the main characters names and personalities and, without giving anything away, names for the slew of minor yet still major characters the novel needs to have to work.

The novel will follow five generations of one family on the one hand and a Texas Ranger on the other, with alternating chapters. I just hope I have the skills to pull this one off.

All of my other stories I write in longhand but because of the time restraints of NaNoWriMo and the wish not to get carpal tunnel, I will be writing this one on the computer, and it will be hard to keep it going. I know that because every time I write directly onto the computer I have trouble finishing the novel. 


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Welcome to the New Me

So, clearly it’s been some time since I posted last (15 months to be precise) and so before we get to the writing, here’s another life update.

The temporary job didn’t go permanent as I’d hoped but I found a permanent job in Dallas and began a two hour commute each way–eugh, but plenty of time for read and writing–and I love it there. The perks are quite amazing (that’s for another post) and my colleagues are great. Anyways, so in my last post I said we were going to move again. We did, and then again, making this the fourth place in as many years (I am so tired of moving all the time!) and this place is certainly not the Ritz Carlton, but it is where we need to be.

So, writing.

I finished the United Trek story and then once again bowed out of the group, permanently this time, to concentrate on my Bluebonnet County original fiction. I penned, in longhand, the revised and updated first Bluebonnet novella into a full-length novel which comes in at around 70,000 words and I’m the (slow) process of typing it up and editing it to tighten up the writing and add the research which I am still in the middle of doing.

I am also currently penning the second Bluebonnet novel (a revised version of the second Bluebonnet novella) and about two thirds of the way done with it. I expect that one to also come out to around 70,000 words. Those two, along with the third, will make a trilogy to begin the Bluebonnet County novel series. Since I have seven stories already written, I plan on revising them all into novels so that I have seven, and I’ve got ideas for at least two more, but that’s way ahead in the future since it’s taking me so long to write and type the ones I have going now.

Since I’m currently cooking dinner, I will say au revoir for now and post again in a few days.


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