NaNoWriMo – Attempt #3

They say third time’s the charm so here’s hoping that this time I will actually be able to finish writing the novel for National Novel Writing Month. I have the basic plot but I need to give the main characters names and personalities and, without giving anything away, names for the slew of minor yet still major characters the novel needs to have to work.

The novel will follow five generations of one family on the one hand and a Texas Ranger on the other, with alternating chapters. I just hope I have the skills to pull this one off.

All of my other stories I write in longhand but because of the time restraints of NaNoWriMo and the wish not to get carpal tunnel, I will be writing this one on the computer, and it will be hard to keep it going. I know that because every time I write directly onto the computer I have trouble finishing the novel. 


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  1. Good luck on your NaNo attempt, this is my first year. Hope to hear about your progress.

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