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New Year, New Stuff

So it’s been 39 days since I last posted and unfortunately, there’s been some good reasons for that.

I’ve been looking for a new job and this week I have two possibilities, one is a temporary position for six months and the other is a full time position. Obviously I would like the full time position but since I am currently unemployed, I will take anything I can get.

Another reason for the lack of a writing-related post is that the monthly writing challenge run by ML Garrett has been discontinued because it wasn’t garnering enough interest and she wanted to focus more of her time on her publishable writing.

I am still writing Bluebonnet County stories. The one that I was originally writing for the January challenge was actually longer than I originally planned so I will post a link to it as soon as it’s finished, which will hopefully be sometime in the next two weeks.

On the reading front, I will gather my thoughts and post reviews of the last book I read, Star Trek: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm. I am currently reading Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions, and will post a review when I’m done.

I decided not to make any new year’s resolutions and it seems to have paid off, I have lost 15lbs in three weeks, so I’m about as light as I was a year or so ago. I’m going to try and make a goal of being 240lbs by the end of February. We’ll see if I make it.



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2011 Resolutions

This is my first post of the new year and I should have done it 12 days ago.

My new year’s resolutions are as follows:

1: Lose weight. This is very important since I am morbidly obese and I have several health issues which will be greatly diminished by reducing my excessive weight. Since the beginning of December I have already lost 13lbs. I’m now exercising as well as reducing my calorie intake. My goal is to be 180lbs by December 15th 2011.

2: Write a novel (or as much of one as I can). This is also important because I need to write a lot more than I am. Even if my Star Trek fan fiction suffers, what I am currently working on (more about that later) will hopefully earn me money in the long run and that can only be a good thing. I’ll be 29 this year and I’m not exactly close to getting published.

3: Write short stories. This is for the short term. I am aiming to have written six short stories this year and have them in the process of being published by the end of the year.

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