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Dry Spell

Wow, so I seem to be back to my old habit of not posting anything for months at a time. I won’t say anything about changing that since I’m lazy and never seem to do what I say I’m going to do. Let me take a few sentences to recap life this year…

I took the temporary job which I am now four months into (only two months to go unless I get made permanent, which I am obviously hoping for) and we’ll shortly be moving apartments (again). My brother-in-law and his wife lost their second child recently, which took a large toll on the family, and my wife finished her latest semester at university with 4 A’s and 2 B’s.

My writing has taken a turn for the interesting. I used to write Star Trek fan fiction with a small group of writers known under the banner of United Trek but I left the group, seemingly permanently, so I could concentrate on writing the Bluebonnet County stories for the monthly challenges run by Melissa Luznicky Garrett. They continued on without me and begin a huge crossover event, utilizing almost all of the ships and crews established by the various writers, and I just couldn’t resist getting back into the fold. Unfortunately, the ship and crew I had previously established were actually set too far in the future (only a year or so) to be of any use to the event, so I created an entire new ship and crew for the crossover. I am currently 14 chapters into that story, and 1 chapter into an unrelated piece of Star Trek fan fiction, and my Bluebonnet County writing has suffered because of it.

After finishing the first draft of the seventh Bluebonnet County novella, I realized that the stories were not as true to life¬†realistic as I wanted them to be. I began to redraft the first Bluebonnet County novella, Venus’s Curse, but as I just mentioned, writing the Star Trek fan fiction derailed that plan. I still intend to redraft the story, but I believe that to do it justice I will need to expand its length considerably, perhaps even making it into a short novel (or a longer one?). I also need to actually type up the first draft of the seventh Bluebonnet County novella and edit it into a second draft before posting it on the Bluebonnet County website.

Let’s see if I can post again in a normal time frame, like three or four days from now?

Hah! That’ll be the day.


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A/C Down and the Problems that go with it!

With 100 degree temperatures looming, my a/c unit has decided to commit seppuku and yesterday was an absolute nightmare since both my wife and I work and cannot get home to sort things out. Here’s hoping that the management company can pass on relevant information…I cannot take another night like that. 87 degrees indoors if the thermostat is to be believed, but I think that’s on the fritz too.

My wife decided that I should have our cats at the office yesterday so we bought along a litter tray, food and water bowls and they spent a very aggravating day bothering me,  growling and fighting with each other. We were babysitting yesterday evening and left the cats at the office. As soon as we were done babysitting, we returned to the office to pick up the cats with the intention of driving over to my mother-in-law to spend the night, but my wife decided that it was too late (it was 9pm) so we went home.

After getting the cats unpacked we watched So You Think You Can Dance (I don’t get contemporary dance, and my wife was having a great laugh trying to explain it to me.) and do people really think that the judges will fall for these sob stories and ignore the bad dancing? To me contemporary dance is like modern art. You either understand it or you hate it.

Following SYTYCD was an hour of hilarity (which would have been funnier if it was cooler and we weren’t melting) with Whose Line Is It Anyway. Eventually we decided on trying to get to sleep…not an easy proposition.

I really hope the A/C is fixed today.

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